Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why I'm Writing

I love to read blogs. I'm addicted to the little glimpses I receive into the lives of people all over the English speaking world...I'd read other languages too if I could ever get my elementary French up to speed!

So, after an incredibly busy few weeks, I was reflecting on my way to work about all of the things my family is doing right now. My husband and I are dreamers. He has those huge pipe dreams about fancy cars, houses and some serious electronics. I'm kind of more cerebral in the whole "world peace," "heaven on earth," stamping out injustice side. Together, we work. Our kids are starting to dream with us and I love to watch their personalities grow into these hybrids of me and Joe and their own experiences. I realized, we are doing some pretty exciting, on a mellow scale, things ourselves and I'd like to be a fly on our wall sometimes.

So, here begins my glimpse into our lives....

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